indian society OF gastrointestinal & abdominal Radiology


1st Annual Conference

6-8th October 2017

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Chennai

Topics and Speakers

ID Topic Title Speaker
ISGAR 2017 Day 1
1 Classic Barium signs. A forgotten art! Dr Shalini Govil
2 Multidisciplinary discussion on role of barium studies in the present day Dr Hariharan (Lead), Dr Shalini Govil, Dr Samarjit, Dr Radhakrishna, Dr Hariharan
3 Bowel ultrasound Dr Prof Venkatasai
4 Ischemic bowel approach Dr Samarjit Ghuman
5 The obstructed bowel: A case based demonstratio Dr Rochita Venkataramanan
6 Class signs of IBD on CT/MR Enterography with barium correlation Dr Shalini Govil
7 CT Enterography. The way I do it Dr Rochita Venkataramanan
8 Histopathological markers of Crohn's and differentiation from Koch's Dr Sunil
9 Endoscopic diagnosis of IBD with CT Enterography correlation Dr Hariharan
10 Multidisciplinary discussion on diagnostic dilemma in inflammatory bowel disease Dr Hariharan (Lead), Dr Shalini, Dr Sunil, Dr Rochita, Dr Srinivasan, Floor experts
11 Staging of rectal carcinoma Dr Anita Nagadi
12 Multidisciplinary discussion on Colorectal cancer staging Dr Ajit Pai (Lead), Dr Kedar, Dr Anita, Dr Sunil, Dr Shankar Srinivas, Floor experts
13 MRI defaecography Dr Sunita Gopalan
14 Contrast enhanced ultrasound. Abdominal applications Dr Nitin Chaubal
15 CT evaluation of lymphadenopathy - the cluster of black pearls sign Dr Rochita Venkataramanan
16 An approach to Malaena and characterisation of benign bowel tumors Dr Rajesh Helavar
17 Diffuse peritonial disease - Carcinoma vs Tuberculosis Dr Anu Eapen
18 Imaging of the abdominal aorta Dr Francis
19 Imaging of the paediatric acute abdomen Prof Dr PC Rajaram
ISGAR 2017 Day 2
20 Liver MRI - What is new? My tips and tricks! Dr Sonal Krishnan
21 The enlarged and diffusely diseased liver Dr Lijeshkumar
22 Multimodality characterisation of cystic lesions of the liver Dr Anu Eapan
23 LIRADS Dr Kedar Jambhekar
24 Liver transplant and resection. Pre-operative imaging from the surgeon's perspective Dr Anand Ramamurthy
25 Imaging algorithm in hepatobiliary imaging complications Dr Sandeep Vohra
26 Post liver transplant interventions Dr R Ravikumar
27 Multidisciplinary discussion on challenges in liver imaging Dr Anand Ramamurthy (Lead), Dr Sandeep Vohra, Dr Murugan, Dr Sonal, Dr Madan, Floor experts
28 MRCP in the jaundied patient Dr Vijay Bhaskar Nori
29 Approach to the jaundiced patient. ERCP, MRCP, CT, USG. Multidisciplinary discussion Dr Ubal Dus Panle (Lead), Dr Vjiay, Dr Rochita, Dr Anand, Dr Joy, Floor experts
30 Cholangiocarcinoma. Lets make it resectable Dr Rochita Venkataramanan
31 New concepts in acute pancreatitis Dr Raju Sharma
32 Pancreatic cystic lesion. Inflammatory or neoplastic Dr Mandeep Kang
ISGAR 2017 Day 3
33 An approach to retro peritoneal masses. Multimodality correlation Dr Thara Pratap
34 MRI artefacts in the abdomen Dr Subramanyan
35 Renal and ureteric anomalies. Multimodality demonstration Dr Amel Anthony
36 Renal infections. Imaging spectrum with IVU and cross sectional imaging correlation Dr Betty Simon
37 Multidisciplinary panel discussion on recent advances in management of urinary calculi and expectations from Imaging Dr Arunkumar (Lead), Dr Rajagopal Seshadri, Dr Suman, Dr Kulbir, Floor experts
38 Complex renal cystic lesions. Multimodality characterisation Dr Suman Hazarika
39 The poorly enhancing solid renal tumour characterisation. Radio-pathology correlation Dr Sharad Maheshwari
40 An approach to small renal tumours Dr Suman Hazarika
41 Multiparametric prostate MRI Dr Sharad Maheshwari
42 Imaging of postoperative complications in urosurgery. Case based demonstration Dr Shalini Govil
43 Multidisciplinary panel discussion. Expectations from preoperative imaging in the Era of Robotic surgery Dr Jaya Ganesh (Lead), Dr Shalini, Dr Ananth Sivaraman, Dr Rijo Mathews, Dr Suman, Floor experts
44 Multimodality characterisation of ovarian cystic lesions Dr Kulbir Ahlawat
45 Imaging the male urethra Dr MR Balachandran Nair
46 Comprehensive imaging of male genital system in sexual medicine practice Dr Rijo Mathews
47 Female infertility Do's and Dont's in HSG. Technical tricks Dr Jayanthi R
48 Endometriosis. Multimodality imaging spectrum. Conventional to cross-sectional Dr Kulbir Ahlawat

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