indian society OF gastrointestinal & abdominal Radiology


2nd Annual Conference

28-30th September 2018

Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi

Topics and Speakers

ID Topic Title Speaker
ISGAR 2018 Day 1
1 Hepatic steatosis. Multimodality assessment, pitfalls and focus on MRI Dr Sharad Maheshwari
2 Challenges in Hepatoma imaging and predictors of poor outcome Dr Sreekumar KP
3 Patient selection for radiological intervention in HCC. Case based discussion Dr Arun Gupta
4 Characterisation of hepatic secondaries. Multimodality approach Dr Sudarshan Rawat
5 The solitary hepatic cystic lesion. Differenciation of neoplastic vs non neoplastic Dr Binit Surekha
6 Post Liver transplant Imaging. Case based discussion Dr Sandeep Vohra
7 Hepatic venous outflow tract obstruction. Imaging and intervention Dr Shivanand Gamanagatti
8 Multi disciplinary panel discussion. Hepatobiliary resection role of Radiologist Dr Subhash Gupta (Lead), Dr Samarjit Ghuman, Dr Abhay Kapoor, Dr Naimesh Mehta, Dr Ravikumar, Dr Sandeep Vohra
9 Controversies in Gall bladder Imaging and surgical considerations Dr Saugata Sen
10 The benign bile duct structure. Differentiation from malignancy Dr Vijay Bhaskar Nori
11 Imaging in pancreatic cancer and differentiation from mimics Dr Raju Sharma
12 Multidisciplinary panel discussion on Pancreatic cancer Dr Raju Sharma (Lead), Dr Samarjit Ghuman, Dr Sanjay Baijal, Dr Pramod Garg, Dr Adarsh Chaudhary
13 Radiological appearances and differentiation of various cystic lesions on pancreas Dr Ruchi Rastogi
14 Multidisciplinary panel discussion. Acute pancreatitis, complications and management decision making Dr Mandeep Kang (Lead), Dr Rajesh Gupta, Dr Surinder S Rana, Dr Ujjwal Gorsi
15 Radiology Ethics Dr Rochita Venkataramanan
ISGAR 2018 Day 2
16 USG spectrum of the acutely painful abdomen Dr Ravi Kadasne (UAE)
17 Case based discussion of suspected bowel ischaemia Dr Francis Gnyanaprakasam
18 Enterography. Technical note Dr Prof Rakesh Sinha (UK)
19 The bowel TB vs Crohns disease conundrum. Role of Imaging Dr Raju Sharma
20 Catching the bowel bleeder. How I do it Dr Samarjit Ghuman
21 Ca rectum. Post neoadjuvant therapy imaging. Case based demonstration Dr Prof Rakesh Sinha (UK)
22 Multidisciplinary panel discussion. Controversies in rectal cancer imaging Dr Rajesh Sinha (Lead), Dr Amanjeet, Dr Anita Nagadi, Dr Rajni Yadav, Pathology Team
23 Obstructed bowel imaging. Veteran speak Dr TBS Buxi
24 CT characterisation of lymph nodes Dr Rochita Venkataramanan
25 Journal Launch
26 Radiology practice guidance session on "Patients not just images" Dr Ravi Ramakantan
27 Splenic lesion characterisation Dr Thara Pratap
28 The enlarged adrenalin gland Dr Devasenathipathy Kandasamy
29 The retroperitoneal space and its diseases Dr Samarjit Ghuman
30 The mysterious folds of the mesentery and it tumours Dr Sunita Gopalan
31 Carbon dioxide enterography - a new way to look at the small bowel Dr Naveen Kalra
32 Film reading session and scientific quiz Dr Hemant Patel, Dr Anirudh
ISGAR 2018 Day 3
33 Male internality and erectile dysfunctions. Case based scenarios. Multidisciplinary panel discussion Dr Rijo Mathews, Col Dr Ravindran Nair (Uroandrologist)
34 The painful scrotum imaging Dr Raghav Agarwal
35 Imaging the fallopian tube Anuradha Chandramohan
36 The thickened entometrium characterisation Dr Rashmi Dixit
37 Imaging disorder of sex development Dr Anu Eapen
38 Endometriosis and its myriad presentations Dr Seema Sud
39 Urothelial imaging. Radiological diagnosis and technical issues Dr Suman Hazarika
40 Charaterisation of the hypo vascular renal tumour Dr Kulbir Ahlawat
41 Ethics in medical practice Dr Pankaj Sharma
42 Renal infections. Pathophysiology and Imaging Dr Suman Hazarika
43 Complicated abdominal hernias. Imaging signs and alarm bells Dr Rajesh Helavar
44 Natural Intelligence. Disease pattern recognition on CT. Seeing the unseen Dr Rochita Venkataramanan
45 Artificial Intelligence. Generating heat maps to visualise the evidence of deep learning algorithm diagnosis Dr Vidur Mahajan
46 Miltidisciplinary meeting on role of imaging in the evaluation of haematuria with a negative ultrasound Dr Vikram Shah Batra (Lead), Dr Suman Hazarika, Dr Sharad Maheshwari, Dr Rijo Mathew

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