indian society OF gastrointestinal & abdominal Radiology


3rd Annual Conference

27-29th September 2019

Le Meridian Hotel, Kochi

Topics and Speakers

ID Topic Title Speaker
27th September 2019 (Morning Workshops)
1 Prostate MRI Dr Rajesh Arumugam
2 Rectal Cancer MRI Dr Rakesh Sinha
3 Pancreatic Imaging Dr Mukesh Harisinghani
27th September 2019 (Afternoon Workshops)
4 Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma Resectibility Dr Rochita
5 Liver Fat and Iron Assessment Dr Sonal, Dr Sharad, Dr Vijaybhaskar
6 Bowel Obstruction Dr Samarjit, Dr Sandeep
28-29th September 2019
7 Esophagus: Multi-modality imaging of the Esophagus. Protocols and procedures
8 Esophagus: Dysphagia and my choice of investigation. Physician Speak
9 Esophagus: Ca Esophagus differentiation from benign disease and staging Dr Geena Benjamin
10 Esophagus: Advances in esophageal surgery and expectations from Radiology. Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
11 Diaphragm: Diaphragm anatomy, paralysis and routes of trans diaphragmatic spread of disease. Dr Anu Eapen
12 Diaphragm: Diaphragmatic hernias, congenital and traumatic.
13 Diaphragm: Diaphragmatic involvement and its importance in abdominal surgery. Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
14 Abdominal infections: Master class on bowel infection Dr Rakesh Sinha
15 Abdominal infections: Urinary infections. Dr Anagha Joshi
16 Abdominal infections: Liver infections and differentiation from tumours.
17 Abdominal infections: Post surgical infections in the era of laparoscopy. Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
18 Pelvic imaging: Bladder outlet obstruction. Adult and :aediatric. Dr Suman Hazarika
19 Pelvic imaging: Pelvic floor imaging Dr Roopa Ram
20 Pelvic imaging: Approach to chronic pelvic pain in women. Dr Thara Pratap
21 Pelvic imaging: Complex fistula in ano. Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
22 Biliary imaging: Benign biliary diseases. Dr Sudarshan Rawat
23 Biliary imaging: Controversies in GB imaging and surgical considerations. Role of the radiologist Dr Saugata Sen
24 Biliary imaging: Congenital biliary diseases. Dr Vijaybhasker Nori
25 Biliary imaging: Postoperative biliary complications. Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
26 Liver imaging: Liver imaging protocols and advanced applications applications. Dr Sudarshan Rawat
27 Liver imaging: LIRADS – An approach to the small nodules detected in the cirrhotic liver. Dr Karthik Ganesan
28 Liver imaging: Portal hypertension. Preoperative mapping.
29 Liver imaging: Post liver transplant complications.
30 Liver imaging: Multidisciplinary Case discussions from a high volume centre. Hepatoma pre and post TARE/TACE Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
31 Abdominal Trauma: Pancreatic trauma. Dr Sanjay
32 Abdominal Trauma: Liver and spleen trauma. Current concepts. Dr Francis
33 Abdominal Trauma: Bowel injury. Tips on demonstration.
34 Abdominal Trauma: Grievous abdominal trauma in a war zone. Major Chander Mohan
35 Abdominal Wall and Hernia Imaging: Internal hernias Dr Priya Nathani
36 Abdominal Wall and Hernia Imaging: Tumours and tumour like conditions of the abdominal wall.
37 Abdominal Wall and Hernia Imaging: Imaging of Hernias and postoperative complications in the era of laparscopic surgery. Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
38 Abdominal Arterial Phase Imaging: Vascular lesions of the bowel
39 Abdominal Arterial Phase Imaging: Renal Vascular Pathologies Suman Hazarika
40 Protocols, Procedures, Ethics, Journalism and Scientific Writing, AI: Artificial Intelligence Dr Srikant Murthy
41 Protocols, Procedures, Ethics, Journalism and Scientific Writing, AI: Agreement statistics and art of scientific paper writing. Dr Srikant Murthy
42 Protocols, Procedures, Ethics, Journalism and Scientific Writing, AI: Optimisation of MRI protocols in the abdomen. Master class. Dr Mukesh Harisinghani
43 Bowel Inflammation and Malabsorption Symposium and Panel Discussion Dr Raju Sharma
44 Exam oriented teaching modules for postgraduate students, case discussions and Quiz.

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