indian society OF gastrointestinal & abdominal Radiology

ISGAR Initiation Ceremony

4th September 2016

Taj Club House, Chennai

Imaging of the Abdomen has always been a challenge for radiologists, physicians and surgeons. Performing and interpreting barium studies and urograms were a challenging albeit rewarding endeavour. The difficulty of this has only increased with the advent of cross-sectional imaging technology. Bringing together experts from across the country on a single platform to build skills in the field of abdominal radiology was the trigger in forming ISGAR.

Dr Rochita Venkataramanan

President, ISGAR

History of ISGAR


Indian Radiology and Chennai have an intertwined history. Members of the early society of Indian Radiology held their first Annual Congress in Chennai in 1946. The Indian Society of Paediatric Radiology was formed in Chennai. History repeated itself when ISGAR was born in this warm and beautiful south Indian city on 4th September at the Taj Clubhouse Hotel on Anna Salai.

The Initiators of this society were:
1) Prof Dr T S Chandrasekar, President of Indian Society of Gastroenterology.
2) Prof Dr Pradeep Rebala, Secretary of Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology.
3) Prof Dr Venkatasai, President Indian Radiology and Imaging Association (Tamilnadu and Pondicherry chapter).
4) Prof Dr Jaiganesh, President of Madras Urological Society.

The Initiation ceremony began with melodies from the Music Band of Madras Medical College (Akash Venkataramanan at guitar, M Mukundan at Keyboard). The time was 12 noon and the ceremony took place in the pre-lunch session of the Hepato-Biliary hands on workshop of the 3rd Teach the Teachers in Radiology and Imaging India Conference. In the audience were eminent Gastroenterologists, Surgical Gastroenterologists, Paediatric Urologists, Liver Transplant Surgeons, Radiologists and students of Radiology of the city. Well-wishers and members of the industry were also present. The pan-India Governing Council members of ISGAR had arrived in the city from various parts of the country to be a part of this journey together.

The Initiators spoke words of encouragement and here are a few quotes from their speeches.

Prof Dr T S Chandrasekar, President of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology said “Opportunities knock on doors. Here ISGAR has made a door for opportunities to knock”.

Prof Dr Pradeep Rebala, Secretary of Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Surgeons said “Why did it take so long to form this Society? Better late than never”.

Prof Dr Venkatasai, President of the Indian radiology and Imaging association (Tamilnadu and Pondicherry Chapter) said

“Abdominal radiology has reached such a stage of complexity that practising and trainee Radiologists need guidance, training, education and fellowship in this Sub-speciality over and above the basic radiology training available to them”.


The Founder-President and the Chief Secretary outlined their ideas and plans for the Society.

Leading Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, Hepato-Biliary surgeons gave their insights and best wishes for the Society.

The very first Governing Council Meeting of the ISGAR happened soon after with members enthusiastically discussing and charting their future plans.
ISGAR has been formed successfully and is now heading in to a future where knowledge, commitment to the patient health, inter-disciplinary cooperation, scientific thought and research will remain the strong pillars on which it will flourish.

ISGAR Initiation Ceremony - Moments


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