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can goku go mystic

Case Closed Winner: SSJ4 Goku Now as for SSJ3 Goku vs. Mystical Gohan, I don't really know who the winner would be since the Mystical form is supposed to be exactly the same as SSJ3. Majin Vegeta even says that goku was simply born with a natural talent above his and know about of training would close the gap. It is very probable that Gohan had more hidden power than Goku but it was never actually said that Goku doesn't have much hidden power. We all knew Gohan had hidden potential from the begining, picollo the othe saiyians knew it too. 1 decade ago. We saw he trained while gohan sleeped. I heard someone say goku has the bigger heart, isnt he the guy who u guys are talkin bout him beating on his child to stop his childs potential just to be the best....... People who guys got to think gohan has had his potential unlocked twice once by Guru and by Old Kai meaning at one point gohans potential was one thing and then changed when he surpassed it meaning that goku's and vegeta's potential is basically limitless because it's always changing and at this point I'd hate to see goku or vegeta get there potential unlocked because they'll end up more powerful than even Whis, Ultimate Goku?! User Info: OmniAlgusX. Why did we never see a Mystic Goku or Ultimate Goku? Most ssj lvls above 4 are a stretch but lvl 4 is actually somewhat plausible. Mixed blood saiyans have more potential,but pure blooded can go SSJ4! You can see it here: Well i ask this because his hair is still black and the transformation is unstable and it doesnt seem like hes super saiyan. This concludes that he can't go beyond Mystic form because that's his absolute limit. Goku has already smashed through the boundaries of his supposed pottential, time and time again so I doubt the Old Kais ritual would have any effect on him. Mystic Gohan Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. The only reason I say Goku wins is because of the fact that he always has the most powerful ONE attack that can kill an enemy in one hit, like the Dragon … < which goku could and did do through extensive training. Fortunately, the Marvel Universe has a lot of superheroes who can rival Goku's Ultra Instinct. Relevance. Gohan wasn't even half that without mystic. Go. The ritual might make Goku a bit stronger, but probably wouldn't make all that much difference because Goku loves to train and fight and has already accessed most of his power by himself. Let's see this as an RPG. Janemba4eva (talk) 10:49, August 20, 2012 (UTC). Forum Rules. You can sense energy in diffrent universes in this form. Thread starter MaruUchiha; Start date May 2, 2019; Tags deathmatch gohan goku Status Not open for further replies. May 2, 2019 #1 Did Gohan surpass Goku by the end of Z after all? The_Caped_Crusader. Related: Dragon Ball: Every Time The Main Characters Have Died Gohan gives it his all against fighters like Top and Dyspo in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, but once again, Ultimate Gohan doesn't go Super Saiyan.This was puzzling for some fans during the Buu Saga, but Dragon Ball Super finally offers an explanation when Goku simply asks Gohan why he doesn't go Super Saiyan. And as for you copying your words to multiple threads, it's just annoying. Go to page. If someone from the Marvel Comics wants to take him on, then they need to be cosmic beings or Gods, basically. The ritual unlocks your hidden power; it would make any fighter stronger. Next Last. Goku goes Mystic/Ultimate and becomes an indestructible god. I just decided to put an end to this. Goku and Gohan leave the Lookout, (after Goku and Gohan show Korin and Yajirobe their new power) and arrive at the Kame House to pick up Chi-Chi so they can go home. Vegeta can only go SSJ2 and is fodder because of that. Gohan had tons of hidden power that he never fully accessed due to slacking off in his training for the seven years after defeating Cell. It multiplies the users base power level by 2,500 times. Next time you're out adventuring with Pokémon GO, you can show your team spirit with the Pokémon GO Teams collection from the Pokémon Center! What people seem to be forgetting is that Goku was a low class saiyan he had next to no real pottential from birth. Schützen Sie Ihr Telefon effektiv mit dieser Pokémon Go Mystic Blue-Hülle, die speziell für Ihr Samsung Galaxy A826 entwickelt wurde But maybe a bit stroger than Mystic Gohan, 3. And don't forget that there could be a new form undiscovered. 0 0. jabril_me. Dude its SSJ if you think there is such thing as SSJ5 please go kill your self now! Goku doesn't have any, since he constantly trains and pushes himself to surpass his own limits and has already turned his 'hidden' energy into his normal power. Goku gets his potential unlocked?? It would increase his power, sure, but I don't know if it would be close to Gohans or not, much less if he could even do that technique period after having all of his potential full power unleashed into base form like that. In season one of DBZ what sets off Gohan anyway, is that not his hidden potential ? Episode 90Gohan and Goku, one on one battle at full power...Enjoy! Gohan got his dormant powers unlocked by Elder Kai, … He has already transformed hidden power into readily usable energy. I've always thought of mystic gohan, as what he would have been if he never stopped training after the cell saga...Also to people saying Goku is a low class warrior, so he has no potential, then what about Vegeta? Goku goes Mystic/Ultimate and becomes an indestructible god. 20:24, April 2, 2012 (UTC). Let's not make this a Gohan vs Goku thread, guys (already too late T___T). Its power eclipses that of his Super Saiyan forms by a significant margin, and in this state, Gohan is often known as Mystic Gohan or Ultimate Gohan. User Menu. *Yawn* Go back into seclusion. Follow 9864. Wiki Points. Just to let you know that GT is not Canon so basically at the end of dbz Gohan is still the strongest even goku is the one who taught Gohan ( and yes I know piccolo trained gohan before) anyway but if were talking about Power Gohan would destroy Goku. Now get off this wiki. Members. gohan just trained with one lousy kai big whoop. Forum Posts. He's never needed to progress beyond this form. Discord. User Info: EJW. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! 18:19, January 28, 2012 (UTC). Thread starter Omegas03; Start date Jul 9, 2020; 1; 2; Next. 1. (Which I doubt. We all saw what happened in the cell saga when he did train, and that was with out , what most of you are saying realizing his true potential. Also another point that gohan is way stronger is that he can handle his own against Super Buu and Buu Gotenks Absorbed. Sure Gohan will have an advantage at the start, but his human genes will handicap his later development. It depends on whether or not you count GT as canon. It's beyond ssj3, and it has no drawbacks. IF goku wasn't dead is there doubt the kai would have picked him. ^Exactly Goku has surpassed his limits time and time again. Matter of fact, besides in GT when do we witness break throughs that are emotion fulled in the series, there is GOku going SSJ im getting off topic. That's why it worked so well for him to get his unlocked. Goku has trained so hard but yet can't seem to unlock his full power. Next Last ••• More options Who Replied? Therefore Old Kai's ritual might give him a small power boost, if any, and he would still be far below Ultimate Gohan's level. Its broken how powerful you can (theoretically) get in the DBZ universe. The Future Warrior. Why did Goku never get his potential unlocked after seening how strong Mystic Gohan had become? Gohan has no choice and decides to go through with it, whilst unfortunately nearby, the Earth is getting destroyed by Black Goku. Favourite answer. With his new power, Gohan teleports himself to Earth, where he finally confronts the evil look-a-like.

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