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Mission Statement

ISGAR aims to improve diagnostic and therapeutic skills in Abdominal Radiology by providing an interactive platform to develop best practices through education, research and interdisciplinary collaboration, to improve patient care.

Membership Types

Individuals who are Radiologists, having completed their residency training in Radiology, and are now engaged in the practice, teaching, or research of abdominal radiology in India may become Active Members.

Active Members shall have the right to vote and shall be required to pay dues.

They may serve on and chair standing committees at the discretion of the President.

Associate Members shall include those individuals who are interested in the field of abdominal radiology, and do not meet the requirements for Active membership. An Associate Member does not have to be a Radiologist.

An Associate Member is eligible to serve on a committee, but is not eligible to chair a committee; will not be able to serve on the governing council or have voting privileges.

He/she will be required to pay dues, and will be eligible to attend the Annual Meeting at the Member rate.

Individuals otherwise eligible for Active Membership, but working or residing outside India, may become International Members.

International Members shall not have the right to vote, but shall be eligible to serve the Society as all Active Members can.

They shall be required to pay dues.

Members who are pursuing their residency training in Radiology and other branches affiliated to the practice of Abdominal Radiology may become members in training.

He/she will be required to pay dues, and will be eligible to attend the Annual Meetings. However, they call not have the right to vote.


ISGAR gave me friends for life and also professional bonding.
Dr Sonal Krishnan
Medanta, New Delhi
ISGAR - a concept which was much needed in Indian setup to study gastrointestinal system as a sub speciality and the importance it deserves. The discussions of cases which are tricky for a propose diagnosis by in-depth analysis by seniors with enough clinical input makes all of us open our eyes to see the subtle differences which can have far reaching consequences in the management of the patient . The fact that all case discussions are followed by pathological report , where we went wrong analysis only strengthens the bond .. A true blessing in today’s time
Dr Prakash
Vikram Hospital, Bangalore

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